LOGPAY Group of Companies

Eschborn Headquarters
2001 Year of Foundation


When it’s about passenger, car, truck, freight, and cargo transport payments, the LOGPAY Group of Companies* takes care of billing for the services used. Thanks to the combined solutions of fuel and charge cards, apps, and financing concepts, customers save time and money and significantly reduce their administrative workload.

LOGPAY (founded in 1923 as part of DVKB) boasts many years of expertise in the financing and payment processing of transport services – today, LOGPAY is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Volkswagen Financial Services AG.

Together with its parent company, LOGPAY brings people together and goods to their destinations. As a platform for service cards and payment solutions, the company has issued more than 500,000 fuel cards to customers in the European mobility market, through which it generates an annual transaction volume of EUR 2.6 billion in all business areas.

Using the Charge&Fuel Card and Charge&Fuel App, which LOGPAY offers with VW Leasing, fleet customers can charge at over 280,000 charging points and refuel at 18,000 filling stations in 21 European countries. In combination with co-branded cards, international mobility expands to over 50,000 filling stations in more than 30 countries. Most recently, LOGPAY has even started to offer completely contactless payment via app at the pump under the name Mobile Fueling.

For truck and bus fleets, LOGPAY also provides automatic billing in 19 toll countries, and a fast and reliable selection of over 46,000 parking spaces, over 70 of which can be booked directly online.

LOGPAY is also the preferred payment service provider for over 250 transport associations, transport companies, and mobility providers in Germany. LOGPAY processes over 70 million transactions for them every year.

Board of management:
Dr. Oliver Bernards
Jens Thorwarth

LogPay Financial Services GmbH
Schwalbacher Straße 72
65760 Eschborn

*The companies LOGPAY Financial Services GmbH and LOGPAY Transport Services GmbH provide their services under the joint business name "LOGPAY Group of Companies"

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