We focus on environmentally compatible, intelligent mobility offers – we develop innovative product solutions that meet the needs of our customers.



Our customers expect us to provide solutions for intelligent and environmentally compatible mobility. Our products connect people, they help conserve resources, and they help make processes simple and efficient. We create mobility concepts, develop solutions for fleet management and offer attractive financial products and services.

Volkswagen Financial Services are aware of their responsibility as lenders. That's why Volkswagen Bank GmbH has been a signatory to the voluntary "Responsible Lending for Consumers" code of practice since 2010. This Code sets down standards for lending and applies to all installment and framework credits. The company has a fundamental interest in granting credit responsibly. High standards therefore apply to the granting of consumer credit or the issuing of loans. The Code provides an overview of these standards and contains a number of consumer-friendly regulations, some of which go beyond existing statutory requirements.

With Greenwheels car sharing, customers are opting for a broader mix of transport.

Cost-effective, flexible, convenient and environmentally compatible: finding a vehicle via an app, using it, and then returning it after use is the way car sharing works with Greenwheels – the largest car sharing provider in the Netherlands and a subsidiary of Volkswagen Financial Services AG. According to a recent study, car sharing customers make use of a broader mix of transport modes. The intermodal flexibility preferred by Greenwheels' customers also results in a more efficient individual CO2 footprint.

The Charge&Fuel Card has access to 10,000 charging points throughout Germany.

E-mobility is gaining momentum. The Volkswagen Group is aiming to become the market leader in the domain of e-mobility by 2025 and plans to electrify its entire model range by 2030. Volkswagen Financial Services support this goal by offering their customers tailor-made services like the Charge&Fuel Card. This combined card for fueling and charging enables our customers to access more than 10,000 charging points throughout Germany. The electricity is provided at a uniform rate of charge throughout the country and is predominantly generated from renewable energy sources. More information about the Charge&Fuel Card can be found at

E-bikes and rented vehicles will form an integral part of company mobility in future.

Volkswagen Financial Services are also developing new mobility solutions in the corporate customer segment. While leasing helps ensure that fleet customers are always bringing the latest technology to the market as a result of the short leasing terms in their contracts, intermodal mobility solutions are also becoming increasingly relevant. Various modes of transport (car rental, car sharing, plane, bus, train, ride hailing, local public transport, etc.) can be intelligently linked, for example to plan what is the most CO2-efficient business trip. An initial solution is scheduled for the beginning of 2020.


Predictive parking allows users to assess when and where the next parking space will be available.

Another important field is Smart Parking. Volkswagen Financial Services and their two subsidiaries sunhill technologies GmbH and PayByPhone Inc. have been operating in this market for several years. The focus here is not only on the digital payment of parking tickets, but also on delivering solutions in the field of predictive parking services. These can forecast the next vacant parking space using intelligent algorithms and therefore reduce the volume of traffic searching for parking spaces and the emissions that result – both for cars and for trucks.

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