Declaration re. GDPR under MiFID II Rules

Below you find three downloadable documents concerning the client classification of our Group Companies to make the communication process caused by the introduction of MiFID II rules from 3rd January 2018 easier. The documents also contain certain declarations of consent.

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Please refer to the website of Volkswagen AG under “Investor Relations” to get a declaration for other companies of Volkswagen Group, which do not belong to Volkswagen Financial Services AG:
Volkswagen AG - Investor Relations


Declaration for Volkswagen Financial Services AG and its other Group Companies
(for a detailed list see our annual report)
Dec 20, 2017
Declaration for Volkswagen Bank GmbH
Dec 20, 2017
Declaration for Group Companies of Volkswagen Bank GmbH
Dec 20, 2017

Data Protection Information

Information on recording of telephone conversations or electronic communications
Dec 31, 2018
Data Protection Information of the Treasury Department of VW Bank GmbH
Jun 30, 2022

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