Who we are.


of Volkswagen Financial Services

Mobility and digitalization

With the founding of Volkswagen Versicherungsdienst in 1948, the Volkswagen Group's first financial service saw the light of day at an early stage. In the years that followed, the foundations for future business success were laid by establishing and expanding the banking, leasing and services business.

Today, Volkswagen Financial Services act as a global sales promoter for the brands of the Volkswagen Group and support them in maintaining customer loyalty by offering a broad range of mobility services. The aim is to offer all customers mobility services ranging from a few hours to several years through a uniform platform – simply, transparently, and digitally. Customer mobility is the core concern at the heart of all Volkswagen Financial Services activities. The brand promise of being "The Key to Mobility" is therefore imprinted in the DNA of all companies that make up the Volkswagen Financial Services division – in 47 markets throughout the world. The key business fields embrace automotive banking and leasing, insurance and services, and solutions for mobility and payment.

Digitalization also plays a central role at Volkswagen Financial Services. All key services are to be available and ready for conclusion online – in close collaboration with the brands of the Volkswagen Group. This will be possible through a focus on a seamless omni-channel sales approach, allowing customers to freely decide through which path they want to acquire their new vehicle. Whether it is financing or leasing, insurance, or services related to the vehicle – we want to be where our customers expect us to be.

Key figures of Volkswagen Financial Services at a glance

    2022 2021 %
Number of contracts thousands 21,976 22,033 -0.3
     Customer financing   5,557 6,151 -9.7
     Leasing   4,783 4,770 +0.3
     Services   5,483 5,063 +8.3
     Insurance   6,153 6,048 +1.7
Customer deposits € million 26,000 26,500 -1.9
Total assets € million 240,000 235,600 +1.9
Equity  € million 38,257 33,400 +14.6
Equity ratio % 15.9 14.2 +12.0
Return on equity before tax % 15.4 17.9 -14.0
Operating result Mio. € 5,600 5,670 -1.2
Employees at Dec. 31   17,713 16,849 +5.1