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As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Volkswagen AG, it operates and coordinates the financial services activities of the Volkswagen Group around the world.
As partner to the Volkswagen Group brands, Volkswagen Financial Services AG makes an important contribution to promoting sales and ensuring long-term customer loyalty to products from Volkswagen Passenger Cars, Audi, SEAT, ŠKODA, Ducati, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, MAN, and other Group brands. In addition, Volkswagen Financial Services AG is a longstanding partner of the dealership network – both as a provider of financial services and as an aide and advisor.

The company's approach of being able to offer everything from a single source has brought about many successful products up to now, all with the same idea behind them: to provide reliable services without any cost surprises. In addition to vehicle financing (outside the European Economic Area) and leasing, Volkswagen Financial Services AG offers numerous mobility services such as fleet management and rental solutions for vehicles from passenger cars to heavy commercial trucks. These are supplemented by all kinds of vehicle-related insurance solutions, payment solutions, and services in the areas of smart parking as well as fuel, charging and toll billing.

By linking and further developing these business segments, Volkswagen Financial Services AG will also be striving to occupy a prime position among the competition in future as well, for example in the field of services resulting from new forms of mobility and the requirements of fully networked motor vehicles.

Key Data

€ million (as of Dec. 31) 2023 2022
Total assets 146,340 133,3671
Loans to and receivables from customers attributable to
   Retail financing 23,5172 23,907
   Dealer financing 7,2102
   Leasing business 46,6792
Lease assets 39,3522
Equity 22,891
Operating profit2 1,736 3,2221
Profit before tax2 1,802 3,0401
in percent (as of Dec. 31) 2023 2022
Cost/income ratio3 474
Equity ratio5
15.6 13.2
Return on Equity6 8.94
Number (as of Dec. 31) 2023 2022
Employees 12,009 11,457
   Germany 5,577 5,980
   International 6,432 5,477

Prior­-year figures restated.

2 The total value indicated for the Group is the sum of the items for continuing operation and for discontinued operation presented in the consolidated financial statements.

3 General and administrative expenses, adjusted for expenses passed on to other entities in the Volkswagen Group / interest income from lending transactions and marketable securities, net income from leasing transaction, interest expenses, net income from service contracts, net income from insurance business, provision for credit risks and net fee and commission income.

4 The calculation is based on the total values for the Group obtained by adding the items presented in the consolidated financial statements for continuing operation to those fordiscontinued operation.

5 Equity / total assets

6 Profit before tax / average equity


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Ad Hoc Announcements

Restructuring of the Volkswagen Financial Services Aktiengesellschaft and Volkswagen Bank GmbH subgroups

Braunschweig, 1. March 2023.

Today, the management board of Volkswagen Financial Services Aktiengesellschaft and the board of managing  directors of Volkswagen Bank GmbH resolved to initiate a reorganization of the subgroups of Volkswagen Financial Services Aktiengesellschaft and Volkswagen Bank GmbH.

To implement the planned reorganization, the majority of the German and European companies (including the respective subsidiaries and participations) as well as other assets, liabilities and further legal relationships of Volkswagen Financial Services Aktiengesellschaft and Volkswagen Bank GmbH (including its participations) shall be combined and consolidated under a new financial holding company supervised by the ECB. The shares in Volkswagen Leasing GmbH shall be completely transferred to Volkswagen Bank GmbH. The current Volkswagen Financial Services Aktiengesellschaft shall act as a holding company for non-European companies. In the context of the planned measures, existing control and profit and loss transfer agreements shall also be adjusted and extended to the new financial holding company. Both the new financial holding company and the holding company for non-European companies will continue to be an integral part of the Volkswagen Group, but with different geographic business focus.

By bundling its activities in a European financial services provider, the refinancing strength of Volkswagen Bank GmbH can best be used for the growth of the leasing business in Germany and Europe. The Volkswagen Group is thus laying the foundation for the successful implementation of the Group's strategy in the mobility sector, taking into account the regulatory framework.

It is intended to complete the main steps of the reorganization mid-2024. The implementation of the reorganization is subject to the approval of the supervisory board of Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft.


Braunschweig, 1 November 2016.

Today, the supervisory board of Volkswagen Financial Services AG approved a reorganization measure of the Volkswagen Financial Services Group. Volkswagen Bank GmbH, which is currently a subsidiary of Volkswagen Financial Services AG, shall become a direct subsidiary of Volkswagen AG by way of a spin-off, providing consolidation of banking activities relevant to European Central Bank authority and allowing for the separate regulation of European banking activities from other financial services provided by the Volkswagen Financial Services Group. The aim of such reorganization is improved transparency for the regulatory authority and increased efficiency. The implementation of this measure is subject to the approval of the supervisory board of Volkswagen AG.

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