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Why we act the way we do.

Our Strategy: MOBILITY2030

A part of the Volkswagen Group strategy

Our strategy: MOBILITY2030 

The transformation of many industries is omnipresent. A core driver of this process is digitalization, which permeates almost every area of life and is changing the purchasing and demand behavior of many customers. This trend will also have a significant influence on automotive sales in the future. A flexible access to the vehicle, in particular, is becoming more and more relevant, and the focus is increasingly on the pure use of the vehicle rather than ownership.

With its NEW AUTO strategy, the Volkswagen Group has defined its roadmap for the transformation into a software-driven mobility company. In doing so, the development and expansion of mobility solutions was defined as an important core element. In this context, we at Volkswagen Financial Services are assuming a central role, which is why our VW FS strategy MOBILITY2030 is closely linked to the strategic goals of the Volkswagen Group.

The core task of Volkswagen Financial Services is to develop and offer a comprehensive, overarching mobility platform in close collaboration with the brands of the Volkswagen Group. This will give customers fast, digital, and flexible access to mobility – from car sharing to car subscriptions and leasing. In this way, we are expanding our existing business model from a pure automotive financial services provider to a mobility provider. The focus increasingly lies on vehicle-on-demand (VoD) offerings, especially in Europe and North America. However, we will also concentrate on growth in China, South America, and other international markets.

Find out more about the NEW AUTO Group strategy here.

Our Vision and Mission

Strategic Dimensions

To implement our vision and mission, five strategic dimensions were defined as part of MOBILITY2030.

Our Values

Courage, trust and customer centricity: These values are the foundation of our corporate strategy MOBILITY2030. They are intended to provide orientation in our daily work and interaction, motivating us to bring out the best in ourselves every day.


We fight for the best ideas and take calculated risks in pursuit of our common goals.

  • We weigh all arguments and never only insist on our own position.
  • We challenge the status quo and never settle for average.
  • We leave our comfort zone in pursuit of the best idea.
  • We take responsibility for our decisions and learn from mistakes.


We feel empowered to take decisions and can rely on the commitments of our colleagues.

  • We create an environment where everyone feels comfortable to take decisions across all hierarchy levels. 
  • We treat each other with respect and seek each other’s opinion.
  • We share our ideas, even controversial ones.
  • We concentrate on the result and let everyone choose the best path to achieve it.

Customer Centricity

We understand the true needs of our customers and direct all our efforts to fulfill them with fairness and integrity.

  • We remain ever curious about our customers, seeing every touchpoint as an opportunity to learn more.
  • We constantly ask our customers how to make their lives easier and more convenient.
  • We focus on customer value first, when assessing new business opportunities.
  • We address customer needs in a sustainable and economically sensible way to ensure consistent service delivery.