ROUTE2025 – Our strategy

At Volkswagen Financial Services we ensure mobility holistically – in our home market in Germany and in 48 countries around the world. To do so, we develop innovative products that meet the constantly changing mobility requirements of our customers. Our employees are the basis of our success. Our strategy – ROUTE2025 – defines the guidelines for our daily actions. It shows us how we can help shape and set the standard for tomorrow's mobility market and thus lays out our path into a successful future.

The Key to Mobility – in future too

Digital communication and networking are penetrating almost every area of life. They are changing the way we shop, for example. Complex and high-quality consumer or capital goods are increasingly being offered and sold through online sales channels. A number of customers will still be ordering their new Golf or Passat from a dealer in a few years' time – but not all of them by any means.

Volkswagen Financial Services have therefore calibrated their business compass and programmed their navigation system with ROUTE2025. This is the strategy with which Volkswagen Financial Services will be rising to the challenges of the future and actively shaping the transformation in mobility.

Our vision and our mission

Our clear vision is to become the best automotive financial services provider in the world. As a company, we have a responsibility towards our stakeholders and towards society. That is why we – the Volkswagen Group's financial and mobility services provider – are busy creating a mobility ecosystem that will also make mobility possible in future on an individual basis.

This is the mission that drives us at Volkswagen Financial Services:

  • We support the sales of all Volkswagen Group brands throughout the world and increase customer loyalty in a sustainable manner.
  • As a reliable partner for the automobile dealers, we enable our customers to enjoy their own kind of individual mobility.
  • We support our customers with attractive products throughout the time they drive their vehicle and so ensure the profitable growth of our company as well.
  • Our committed employees actively live our corporate values and achieve high levels of customer satisfaction as a result.

Five strategic dimensions


Within ROUTE2025, the five dimensions Customers, Employees, Operational Excellence, Profitability and Volume describe the strategic directions we are taking and the specific goals we are pursuing.


  • Customers


    We want to excite our customers. Therefore, one key goal of Volkswagen Financial Services is to understand the needs of our customers and align innovative products with these needs. We intend to selectively expand our digital sales and interaction channels and ultimately enhance the loyalty of our customers. At the same time, we are also a strategic partner for the Volkswagen Group brands and for our dealers.

  • Employees


    We want to be a top employer and employ top employees. One aim of our company is therefore to attract the best employees, to help them grow and develop, and to keep them working for us. We expect and encourage the best possible performance that each individual can achieve. Our employees should participate in our success in line with their performance. We live an open culture where feedback and discussion is desired, we show appreciation for achievement, and we work in a manner that is geared to the customer and to good service.

  • Operational Excellence


    By promoting Operational Excellence (OPEX), we want to make our company more efficient and transparent by 2025. The basis for this is compliance, and therefore rule-compliant and exemplary conduct on the part of all employees. Our processes are to improve as well. To this end, we keep a close eye on costs and coordinate our processes and systems with our product portfolio. We run our IT operations with the future in mind and at a competitive cost level. In this connection, we are focusing on project management and must give it the strength to effectively deal with impending changes such as digitalization and master the associated challenges.

  • Profitability


    We want to make our business more profitable by 2025. The fields of action to achieve this are the optimization of the refinancing structure, of the transformation result and of the contract margins. We enable active risk management through transparency and through effective control methods and processes. A further goal is to create the necessary transparency for the company's overheads and variable costs. Individual cost drivers are to be identified and the key drivers then optimized.

  • Volume


    Our goal is to increase our number of current contracts to 30 million by 2025. To this end, we intend to expand our fleet management worldwide and offer focused and profitable mobility services. The after-sales domain will also be appropriately expanded. We are optimizing our portfolio of financing and leasing products throughout the world and are exploiting the opportunities presented by growth markets.

Our values

A living commitment to our customers, responsibility, trust, courage and enthusiasm: these values form the basis of our ROUTE2025 strategy. They also give our employees orientation in their day-to-day work.

  • A living commitment to our customers


    We don't just want to talk about our customers – we want to talk to them. And we want to do so whenever they want us to. We see every contact we have with our customers as an opportunity. That's why we seek direct contact with them and actively solicit their feedback.

    • Active customer focus in our sales efforts is an important part of our DNA.
    • Customer benefit is the benchmark for our actions.
    • We keep our promises to our customers and even exceed their expectations.
  • Responsibility


    Success is always a team performance to which each of us makes an important contribution every single day. A successful work outcome also requires all those involved to take individual responsibility for their particular areas of activity and the results of their work. Our managers are vigorous in carrying out their leadership responsibilities and live up to their exemplary role.

    • We accept overall responsibility for the company internally and externally.
    • We manage on the basis of target agreements.
    • Each of us bears responsibility for the tasks we take on, in both the positive and the negative sense.
  • Trust and confidence


    Trust and mutual confidence is the basis for our day-to-day collaboration. Trust can only arise in dialog. That's why it is important for us to be open and honest with one another. The principle of "Competence before Hierarchy" applies to all decisions. What is important is direct feedback with clear messages.

    • Trust can only develop in dialog and forms the specific bedrock for our values courage and responsibility.
    • Confidence in ourselves is also a part of a trusting relationship; we are self-assured.
    • We ask in order to understand.
  • Courage


    Courage is an essential prerequisite for the development and implementation of new ideas. And since we want to remain the innovation leader in our sector, we need courage. Courageous action means actively promoting change and taking appropriate risks.

    • We encourage the boldness to innovate.
    • We have the courage to tackle change.
    • We fight for our purpose, even against resistance.
  • Enthusiasm


    Our customers, whether internal or external, should feel that we are there for them with enthusiasm and commitment. We need a positive attitude. For us, the glass is half full and never half empty. We are passionate about our tasks and our customers.

    • We are a positive, attractive and motivated service provider.
    • We are authentic.
    • We identify with our customers, our brands and our products and we are proud of them.

A cornerstone of the Group strategy


"Shaping mobility – for generations to come" is the new vision of the Volkswagen Group's TOGETHER 2025+ strategy. Volkswagen Financial Services are an important strategic partner for the Group and its brands in the wide domain of mobility. Our own vision of becoming "the best automotive financial services provider in the world" therefore makes an effective contribution to the successful realization of the overall vision of the Volkswagen Group.

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