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A brief overview

of Volkswagen Financial Services

We are a part of the Volkswagen Group

Rooted in Braunschweig, at home throughout the world – this has been a motto for Volkswagen Financial Services for many years now. Volkswagen Financial Services today operate in 47 markets through their various subsidiaries, shareholdings and joint ventures. Nowadays, the largest proportion of the annual operating result is generated outside Germany. Volkswagen Financial Services are the largest provider of automotive financial services worldwide.

Even though the underlying circumstances in the various markets are different, there is one thing all these countries have in common: their customers want to enjoy fast, safe and transparent mobility in their everyday lives. The goal of Volkswagen Financial Services is to fulfill this wish. To do so effectively, the company's broad product portfolio is to be expanded worldwide. We are also developing an overarching mobility platform for the brands of the Volkswagen Group with mobility services for periods ranging from a few minutes to several years.

As a captive financial services company and sales promoter for the Volkswagen Group, Volkswagen Financial Services pursue the interests of the Group's automobile brands and support them in developing new markets. Thus, Volkswagen Financial Services is an integral part of Volkswagen AG. 


Our business fields

We offer our customers a wide range of automotive-related services and mobility services. These range from traditional vehicle financing, leasing and vehicle rental or car subscriptions, to insurance, maintenance and tire contracts, fuel and charging cards, digital parking services and payment solutions. Added to this are direct banking and dealer financing via Volkswagen Bank. The goal is to give our customers the most direct and quickest possible access to their dream car. More information can be found here.


Volkswagen Financial Services at a glance

Volkswagen Financial Services is the global sales promoter for the brands of the Volkswagen Group and, with its stable business results, makes an important contribution to the overall result of Volkswagen AG.

    2023 2022 %
Number of contracts thousands 22,275 21,976 +1.4
     Customer financing   5,299 5,557 -4.6
     Leasing   4,888 4,783 +2.2
     Services   5,782 5,483 +5.5
     Insurance   6,306 6,153 +2.5
Customer deposits € million 37,531 25,431 +47.6
Total assets € million 267,777 239,400 +11.9
Equity  € million 39,545 38,238 +3.4
Equity ratio % 14.8 16.0  
Return on equity before tax % 8.3 15.4  
Operating result Mio. € 3,253 5,584 -41.7
Employees at Dec. 31   15,439 14,796 +4.3