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August 6, 2018

LogPay Transport Services agrees fuel card acceptance deal with BP/Aral

Over 2,000 Aral filling stations extend the LogPay network in Germany

Rollout in other European countries to follow this year

Eschborn, 6 August 2018. LogPay Transport Services GmbH is expanding its acceptance network by more than 2,000 Aral filling stations in Germany. In addition, the LogPay fuel card will also be usable in other European countries during the course of this year at filling stations operated by the Aral parent company BP. This has been agreed between LogPay and BP/Aral. LogPay acts as a so-called network aggregator and brings together various different filling station providers in a single fuel card. Volkswagen Financial Services AG had acquired 51 percent of the shares in LogPay Transport Services in January 2017. "We're very pleased that we can significantly expand our services in Germany with Aral," says Jens Thorwarth, the Managing Director of LogPay Transport Services GmbH. He adds: "As a result, we have a strong filling station network that can now be effectively used in the passenger car segment as well as by trucks and heavy goods vehicles."

With its extension through the inclusion of Aral, the LogPay acceptance network is growing to around 6,000 filling stations in Germany. In future customers will be able to fill up their tanks at over 12,000 filling stations throughout Europe using the LogPay Card. Later this year, this will also be possible at BP filling stations in Austria, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal, Poland and the Netherlands.

"We basically see ourselves as a cross-brand supplier of tank and toll solutions for customers in Germany and Europe. We will be sticking to this philosophy. We will also continue to expand LogPay Transport Services as a competence centre for the refuelling business segment within the Volkswagen Group," Thorwarth says.

Information for editors:

Volkswagen Financial Services are a business division of the Volkswagen AG group of companies and comprise Volkswagen Financial Services AG along with its associated companies, Volkswagen Bank GmbH, Porsche Financial Services, and the financial services companies in the USA, Canada, and Spain that belong directly or indirectly to Volkswagen AG – with the exception of the financial services of the Scania brand and Porsche Holding Salzburg. The key business fields embrace dealer and customer financing, leasing, the bank and insurance business, fleet management and mobility offers. Volkswagen Financial Services have a total of 15,770 employees worldwide – including 6,670 alone in Germany. Volkswagen Financial Services report total assets of around EUR 186.9 billion, an operating result of EUR 2.5 billion euros and a portfolio of around 19.7 million current contracts (as at: 31.12.2017).

LogPay Transport Services GmbH is a specialist for international toll processing in the truck segment and issues fuel and service cards that can be used across brands and vendors in a Europe-wide acceptance network. Since 1 January 2017, LogPay Transport Services GmbH has been acting as a shared service centre for Volkswagen Financial Services AG and LogPay Financial Services GmbH.

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