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August 9, 2018

The trucker's perfect co-driver: the MAN Card Mobility App from Volkswagen Financial Services

Route planning, navigation and station finder in one app

Premium routing with specific map material for commercial vehicles

Parking space reservation function for service areas and truck stops in planning

Full product presentation at IAA Commercial Vehicles in Hannover

Braunschweig, 9 August 2018. Volkswagen Financial Services are expanding their mobility services with the MAN Card Mobility App, which will be presented at the trade fair IAA Commercial Vehicles. The new digital companion significantly enhances the service spectrum of the MAN Card by adding the functions Route Planning, Navigation and Station Finder. "For some time now, our customers have been requesting an app for the MAN Card so that they can provide their drivers with other services apart from just refuelling," says Judit Habermann, member of the management of carmobility GmbH. She continues: "The app is a major coup for us. Premium routing, in particular, is a real bonus that effectively gives truck drivers more planning security on European roads." The MAN Card is developed and distributed by Carmobility GmbH, a subsidiary of Volkswagen Financial Services AG.

The MAN Card Mobility App is providing three main functions at the time of its market launch: Route Planning, Navigation and the Station Finder.

Route planning enables drivers to plan their route precisely based on the special characteristics of their truck. This is made possible by top-quality map material specific to commercial vehicles. Before the journey, vehicle specifics such as weight, height and load type can be taken into account in the calculations carried out by the app. On the basis of this data, the app guides the driver around bridges that are too low, roads that are too narrow or passages that are closed for dangerous goods transports. Up-to-date traffic reports and toll costs are also included in the app.

Full navigation ("turn-by-turn") is integrated directly. There is no jumping to a different navigation app on the smartphone. A further advantage is that the remaining driving time is taken into account, with the result that drivers can be navigated directly to the next parking lot or service area.

With the station finder, drivers can find all the acceptance points covered by the MAN Card such as filling stations, parking lots, EURO-Leasing rental stations and MAN service sites. A particularly useful feature that helps ensure the necessary transparency is the display of current fuel prices at the filling stations. There is also a filter for additional services that may be relevant such as guarded parking areas or the presence of restaurants and showers. All information can also be accessed through the MAN Card homepage or, in future, via a closed web portal.

As part of its first expansion phase, Volkswagen Financial Services plan to extend the MAN Card Mobility App over the coming months to include the display and booking of truck parking sites and their access at the various service stations and truck stops. "Searching for parking spaces is not just time-consuming and frustrating for truck drivers, the constant braking and accelerating involved also results in unnecessarily high fuel costs and CO2 emissions. This can be reduced by appropriate planning and the reservation of parking space," as Habermann points out. In future, an interface between the MAN Card Mobility App (driver) and the web portal (fleet manager) will also be created to help make communication easier.

The MAN Card Mobility App is being presented at IAA Commercial Vehicles in September and will be available for iOS and Android. It has been designed for all MAN Card users and is also suitable for mixed fleets (several brands and passenger cars + trucks).

The MAN Card gives drivers access to over 53,000 filling stations in Europe via the networks of Shell, Aral/BP, TOTAL/AS24 and LogPay Transport Services. This is supplemented by the toll service available for 18 European countries. In addition, customers in 32 European countries can take advantage of a service covering VAT refunds and, as far as possible, the proportionate country-specific reimbursement of the mineral oil tax. Further services provided by the MAN Card include cashless payment, transparent billing every 14 days of all refuelling costs and toll fees, and the card's free promise-to-pay facility for vehicle-related services such as repairs and maintenance on trucks and buses at all MAN service points and for Mobile24 on-call service partners.

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