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October 14, 2022

Volkswagen Financial Services increase commitment to Braunschweig International Film Festival

Braunschweig, 14 October 2022. Volkswagen Financial Services (VW FS) have been a partner of the Braunschweig International Film Festival (BIFF) for more than 25 years. Now, VW FS and the BIFF have not only agreed to extend their collaboration, Europe's largest provider of automotive financial services has also increased its sponsorship contribution as part of this ongoing involvement.

"It's our longest standing commitment," said a delighted Anthony Bandmann, Member of the Management Board of Volkswagen Financial Services AG. "We have been a reliable partner to the filmmakers and film industry in Braunschweig for over 25 years now. That really does make us proud, especially since the BIFF is a fixed and nationally renowned event in Braunschweig's cultural calendar." Indeed, the Braunschweig Film Festival and the cooperation with its main sponsor have grown together step by step over the years – the festival was born from a joint idea by cineastes back in the 1980s, and VW FS, which does business in 47 countries worldwide, also decided early on to become involved and collaborate in the film celebration.

Prize money increased to record amount

"Particularly at the present time amidst all the global challenges, prolonging let alone expanding sponsoring activity is an important signal to those working in the local cultural domain", as Film Festival Board Chairman Thorsten Rinke confirmed. "Loyal sponsors and faithful backers are essential for every cultural format – without partners, many ideas could not be realized at all. And in working together, it is vitally important that we strive for a diverse artistic and cultural landscape." This view is explicitly shared by the main sponsor. Bandmann explained his company's motivation this way: "Despite our international reach and orientation, our headquarters are in Braunschweig. This is our home and this is where our roots lie. As a good corporate citizen, we are committed to serving the interests of the community. And that's why we also promote cultural and social life here in Braunschweig through our involvement in numerous projects."

Without the support of partners such as Volkswagen Financial Services – and of course countless other sponsors and patrons such as nordmedia, the State of Lower Saxony and the City of Braunschweig – it would hardly be possible today for the festival to present such a wide range of film programs, awards and internationally prominent guests. "It is not only our colleagues and volunteer association members who give our festival its individual shape and form – our sponsors make an active contribution as well," Rinke pointed out. As regards the prize money this year, the festival organizers are pleased to announce that they can raise the total purse for prizewinners to EUR 65,500, thanks primarily to Volkswagen Financial Services increasing their sponsorship. That is a record amount for the festival. "This sponsorship is the longest commitment that Volkswagen Financial Services has made to a project – that's a great honor for us. It's also wonderful that we've been intensifying our collaboration more and more over all these years," the Festival Board Chairman noted with pleasure.

A big signal for cooperation

The long-standing cooperation is a lasting and distinctive example of successful interplay between the local cultural scene and the regional economy. "As I see it, culture is diverse and multifaceted and the basis for every society. For me personally, culture is something alive, something we can experience, and something that shapes our daily lives," is how VW FS Board Member Bandmann expressed the crux of the matter.

The Braunschweig International Film Festival will be taking place for the 36th time this year – once again with an extensive and exciting program and in a hybrid event format. The preparations are in full swing and details about this year's guests and the selection of films can be found on the respective festival channels, for example on the website at or on social media at and at

36th Braunschweig International Film Festival (BIFF) | 7th to 13th November 2022 

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