Collect Car B.V. (Greenwheels)

About Collect Car B.V. (Greenwheels)

In 2013, Volkswagen Financial Services AG and the Dutch Volkswagen Group importer Pon Holdings B.V. acquired Collect Car B.V., which operates its car sharing service under the Greenwheels brand. Volkswagen Financial Services AG holds 60 percent of the shares in this joint venture and Pon Holdings B.V. holds 40 percent.

Greenwheels was founded 1995 as a classic start-up by two university graduates. With three second-hand cars to start with, the founders set themselves the goal of creating more space for things other than cars driving on the road or parked along the street – and therefore a greater quality of life – in the cities of the Netherlands through the shared use of vehicles.

Today, Greenwheels is the leading car sharing provider in the Netherlands with around 2,800 vehicles on its books. In addition to its classic car sharing for private individuals, Greenwheels also offers corporate car sharing solutions for fleet operators.

Management Board:

Andrew Berkhout


Collect Car B.V.
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