EURO-Leasing GmbH

About EURO-Leasing GmbH

EURO-Leasing GmbH with headquarters in Sittensen is a subsidiary of Volkswagen Financial Services AG. In the past, the medium-sized company focussed on the rental and sale of trucks and trailers, and car rental. The car sector has been maintained as a separate company and trades under the name Euromobil GmbH. The HGV business is being phased out and is expected to be wound up by the end of 2024. Customers with ongoing rental contracts will of course still be supported in the usual way until the last day.        

EURO-Leasing GmbH has been operating with a new orientation since September 2022. The company’s range of offers comprises services in the transport, logistics and administrative sectors (including used car service, contract processing and accounting) for the parent company Volkswagen Financial Services AG.

EURO-Leasing GmbH combines medium-sized and group DNA, enabling pragmatic and efficient solutions. Mutual respect, trust and openness to change are a prerequisite. 

With around 100 employees at present, we take on these new challenges with openness and determination. EURO-Leasing GmbH is on a path to change and growth.

Board of Management:

Jörg Pape
Torben Kleist


EURO-Leasing GmbH
Hansestraße 1
27419 Sittensen