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Feb 1,  2021

Volkswagen Financial Services develop FleetCARSdriver app for company car drivers

All key information relating to the company vehicle in one app

More efficient operations for fleet managers through central communication

Single-source solution: direct integration with FleetCARS fleet management system

Braunschweig, 1 February 2021. Volkswagen Financial Services have expanded their offering in the field of fleet management with the FleetCARSdriver app. The app provides company car drivers with all important schedules and relevant information relating to the use of their vehicle. In addition, fleet managers are able to communicate directly with their drivers via the app. These functions are made possible by the direct integration of the app with the FleetCARS fleet management program, which means that only one system is needed for the complete fleet management operation. "With our new app, we want to make the communication channels between fleet managers and company car drivers more efficient and bundle all the information that is important for drivers in one medium," says Armin Villinger, Head of Sales Germany and General Representative of Volkswagen Leasing GmbH.

In particular, the FleetCARSdriver app makes it easier to comply with the many regulations that go hand in hand with the use of a company car. This is because a central dashboard provides drivers with all the important dates and deadlines to be observed, such as the regular driver's license check or the annual accident prevention inspection. There is also an overview of the services agreed in the leasing contract and details on the current mileage and mileage deviations. In addition, company car drivers can use the POI search function (POI=Point of Interest) to display all the dealer partners of the Volkswagen Group as well as affiliated repair shops and service centers of other manufacturers.

The app's direct integration with the FleetCARS fleet management system is an especially convenient advantage for fleet managers. All driver- and contract-relevant information and all the fleet-specific documents are exchanged directly between the app and the fleet management tool. Moreover, those running the fleet operations can send messages to individual drivers directly from FleetCARS. In this way, drivers can be individually reminded of important deadlines and appointments or prompted to take specific action. In a further development stage, push messages to all the drivers will also be possible. Overall, only one system is required for the entire data management and communication.

The FleetCARSdriver app is only available in combination with the online-based fleet management platform FleetCARS and it can be tested free of charge until 30 June 2021. After the trial period, the app will cost 50 cents per driver per month.

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