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June 1, 2023

Getting mobile faster and more conveniently: Volkswagen Financial Services and Sopra Steria establish digital vehicle registration platform MyDigitalCar

Further digitalization of the motor vehicle registration system

Nationwide digital vehicle registration via MyDigitalCar provides innovative new service in the automobile market

Notable benefit: Registration can now take place on site at the dealer

Braunschweig/Hamburg, 1 June 2023 – Volkswagen Financial Services and the management and technology consultancy Sopra Steria have set up the joint venture MyDigitalCar GmbH. Companies such as car dealerships, fleet operators and leasing and rental car companies will be able to register their vehicles digitally in the future via this special registration platform. The digital capability offered by the new platform makes it unique so far in Germany.

Volkswagen Financial Services have already been using the MyDigitalCar technology since 2019 in a pilot operation with a special permit from the government of the federal state of Lower Saxony. Since then, several hundred official company cars operated by the company in Braunschweig have been registered digitally and in a legally compliant manner. Initial trials with selected vehicle dealerships have also resulted in consistently positive feedback.

MyDigitalCar will start offering its services throughout Germany on 1 September 2023. The legal basis for digital vehicle registration by companies – an initiative of the Federal Ministry of Transport – was adopted in March in the Federal Council or Bundesrat, the second chamber of the German parliament. Many companies can make use of the range of services provided by MyDigitalCar. Beneficiaries include vehicle dealerships, fleet operators, and leasing and rental car companies. This adds up to potentially several million digital registration processes per year. Operators of smaller fleets can also use MyDigitalCar.

"Our platform offers smaller fleet operators a turnkey digital service for vehicle registration. The platform can also be integrated into existing IT landscapes and therefore enables the reuse of data about the vehicle and the owner/keeper that is already available digitally," said Markus Linde from Sopra Steria, one of the two managing directors of the newly founded MyDigitalCar GmbH.

Important step towards the digitalization of vehicle registrations

The digital services of MyDigitalCar encompass all the relevant vehicle registration processes such as the registration of new and used vehicles and the decommissioning or deregistration. The platform will be successively expanding the services it offers. The aim is to build up a comprehensive digital marketplace for vehicle registration services.

"The advantages for the customer are obvious: the vehicle can be digitally registered directly at the car dealership, for example, and can then be driven in traffic immediately by the registered keeper of the vehicle. The registration is faster and more convenient, and this is a first in Germany," explained Klaas Köneke from Volkswagen Financial Services, who is the other managing director of the newly founded MyDigitalCar GmbH.

By offering these services, the joint venture partners Volkswagen Financial Services and Sopra Steria are making a significant contribution to optimizing economic efficiency in the area of vehicle management for companies. This is an important step towards a fully digital vehicle registration system – looking ahead, even without the need for vehicle documents in paper form at all, provided that sustained efforts continue in the field of digitalization.

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