We talk to each other and listen.


We embrace dialog with our stakeholders – we communicate transparently and openly.

We are committed to sustainable and responsible corporate governance: we embrace dialog and create transparency through our actions. Social acceptance and an active, ongoing communication with our stakeholders are the basis of our success.

Our mood barometer

The Volkswagen Group mood barometer is an integral part of our readiness to engage in dialog within the company. This voluntary and anonymous staff survey records the mood throughout the Volkswagen Group and is intended to increase employee satisfaction with the help of subsequent processes, in particular the discussion of the results and the implementation of measures derived from them.

After the survey, managers and employees elaborate solutions together to enhance employee motivation and talk about how they can be effectively implemented. The mood barometer gives Volkswagen Group employees the opportunity to become more closely involved in the company by inputting their own opinions and ideas.

Internal communication formats

We also offer a wide range of internal communication formats for the exchange of ideas, standpoints and experience within Volkswagen Financial Services. Alongside management conferences for strategy development and the exchange of views among executives, dialog events for strategy communication are a matter of course for us. Regular formats for direct exchange between employees and the board members or the management are also firmly established. We also foster dialog through our intranet, especially since the comment function on our articles is an important yardstick in our eyes, a valuable indicator that also promotes open and respectful dialog among us.

Stakeholder survey

Nobody's perfect. But we strive to continuously improve. We have therefore initiated a regular stakeholder survey. Those interviewed include customers, employees, suppliers, federations and associations, media representatives, and investors. The key questions we want answered are: what is the reputation of Volkswagen Financial Services? How credible are we perceived to be? What issues do stakeholders associate with us and what expectations do they have of us? 

Digital dialog

Due to the diverse possibilities of mobile and hybrid working, most professional communication takes place digitally. This also means that new forms of communication and interaction are becoming increasingly important.

Through a variety of internal online formats, such as discussion rounds or podcasts with different employees on exciting topics and projects, Volkswagen Financial Services manage to stay in touch with their employees even during remote work and ensure informative and interactive communication across teams. 

University collaborations

Under the motto "Combining theory and practice", Volkswagen Financial Services maintain an intensive exchange with universities, colleges, and universities of applied sciences. Several strategic cooperations with academic institutions have resulted from these dialogs – for example with the Chair of Information Systems and Machine Learning (Data Analytics) at the University of Hildesheim. There is also a longstanding cooperation with the Technical University of Braunschweig (in the field of IT and finance). 

Alliance for the region

As the world's largest automotive financial services provider, Volkswagen Financial Services are committed to their roots in the region around Braunschweig in the south of Lower Saxony, which is a strong centre in the middle of Germany. The cities of Braunschweig, Salzgitter and Wolfsburg and the districts of Gifhorn, Goslar, Helmstedt, Peine and Wolfenbüttel form an exceptional economic, research and cultural region, which is home to over 1.1 million people. In order to make the region attractive for its inhabitants in the future as well, Volkswagen Financial Services are involved as a shareholder in the "Alliance for the Region" initiative, a regional collaboration of partners from business, science, politics, and administration. Together, the partners work to develop their region as a location with a strong economy and high quality of life – a "home for the future".