We assume ecological responsibility


We assume ecological responsibility – we make a contribution to the preservation and protection of our environment.

Taking ecological responsibility is a key component of our corporate conduct and a cornerstone of our business operations. We are convinced that we have an obligation to create added value for our customers, employees and investors and to live up to our responsibility towards the environment and society. That is why we are improving our climate and environmental protection measures.

Carbon neutrality and
environmental management system

The goal of Volkswagen Financial Services is to operate carbon-neutral (i.e. in a state of net zero carbon dioxide emissions) at its headquarters in Braunschweig by 2023. Today, we already use only certified electricity from renewable sources for our buildings and properties. In the future, the necessary heating power will come from renewable district heating generated by the local utility company. Furthermore, the company campus was modified last year to make it more natural and nature-friendly in order to increase biodiversity. In addition, the entire corporate headquarters in Braunschweig has been equipped throughout with charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, including a charging station for e-bikes.

Systematic sustainability: Volkswagen Financial Services have implemented an environmental management system certified to ISO 14001. On this basis, we record, assess and minimize the environmental repercussions of our business operations. The system helps us to systematically improve our energy and resource balance.

We are part of the Volkswagen Group's
environmental policy

On its way from a car manufacturer to a mobility provider, the Volkswagen Group is guided by the NEW AUTO strategy. The aim is to become a leading global provider of sustainable mobility solutions. For Volkswagen, sustainability means pursuing economic, social, and ecological objectives simultaneously and with equal energy. It is our aim to create lasting values, offer good working conditions, and conserve resources and the environment (read more).

Over and beyond this plan, the Volkswagen Group's environmental policy provides the framework for the environmental activities of the brands. For Volkswagen Financial Services, this joint environmental policy means that we align in particular our core business with these principles and thus support the Group in implementing its environmental goals. 

Our project partner NABU 

Since 2009 Volkswagen Financial Services have been working together with the German Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU) for the protection and ecological restoration of moorland and peatland. Moors play a central role in both climate protection and the preservation of biodiversity. To date, Volkswagen Financial Services have invested around six million euros in moorland protection projects.

The joint commitment of Volkswagen Financial Services and NABU has already been recognized with several national and international environmental awards.

Moreover, Volkswagen Financial Services are also committed to the renaturation of rivers – for example in the River Schunter floodplain in Braunschweig or along the River Aller near Verden. The aim is to restore rivers that have often been detrimentally straightened to their original and natural course. In this way, the diversity of species and biotopes normally typical to them can be re-established.