We promote sustainable mobility.


We focus on environmentally compatible, intelligent mobility offers – we develop innovative product solutions that meet the needs of our customers.

Volkswagen Financial Services are also helping shape the transformation to connected, innovative mobility. Our customers expect us to provide solutions for intelligent and environmentally compatible mobility. Our products connect people, they help conserve resources, and they help make processes simple and efficient. We create mobility concepts, develop solutions for fleet management and offer attractive financial products and services.

Responsible Lending 

Volkswagen Bank GmbH is aware of its responsibility as a lender. That's why Volkswagen Bank GmbH has been a signatory to the voluntary "Responsible Lending for Consumers" code of practice since 2010.

This Code sets down standards for lending and applies to all installment and revolving credit. The company has a fundamental interest in issuing loans responsibly. High standards therefore apply to the granting of consumer loans.

The Code provides an overview of these standards and contains a number of consumer-friendly regulations that go beyond the requirements of law.

Transformation to sustainable mobility

The Volkswagen Group is committed to systematically driving sustainable mobility and has committed itself to achieving the Paris climate targets. E-mobility in particular is gaining momentum, and Volkswagen aims to become the market leader in electromobility by 2025. The Group intends to electrify its entire model range by 2030. In this context, the future viability of environmentally compatible individual mobility depends crucially on the rapid market ramp-up of electric vehicles. The provision of intelligent concepts and services by Volkswagen Financial Services is an important element in achieving this goal.


E-mobility is becoming increasingly important for companies. In the course of electrifying a fleet, however, fleet customers are faced with many questions, for example regarding issues of range, cost-effectiveness, charging infrastructure, and practicality for everyday use.

Under the Fleet.Electrified brand, we bundle all the offers for vehicle fleets relating to e-mobility for our customers – in a clear and understandable way. We place particular emphasis on demonstrating the many advantages of e-mobility to our customers and providing them with advice and individual solutions to help them build a future-oriented and sustainable fleet. For example, corporate customers can make use of special tools to analyze the extent to which their fleet is "e-ready".

Charge&Fuel Card and App – Easy access to the charging infrastructure

An electric vehicle without electricity would be like a combustion engine without fuel.

Easy access to the charging infrastructure is therefore essential to establish electromobility on the market. This is exactly the reason why Volkswagen Financial Services developed the Charge&Fuel Card in 2014.

With the combination of app and charge card, our customers can charge up with electricity at around 650,000 charging points in 29 countries. The Charge&Fuel app has an easy-to-use search function to find the next charging station and provides information about which charging type and mode is available and whether the charging point is currently occupied or not. With its convenient and comprehensive service, the Charge&Fuel Card accompanies customers through the entire charging process and offers smart solutions from a single source.

Charging infrastructure for fleet operators

We know that switching to e-mobility is a major undertaking for many of our commercial customers. That's why we offer them all the activities necessary to set up and operate an e-fleet from within our Group.

For fleet customers, switching to e-mobility often means that they first have to invest in new operating equipment and set up a charging park. This involves considerable investment. To help their customers with exactly this problem, Volkswagen Financial Services give customers the opportunity to finance or lease charging infrastructure. That means that these customers do not have to tie up any capital, can ease the strain on their liquidity, and therefore increase their financial flexibility. 

Mobile even without a car

On the move fast, environmentally friendly and comfortably with a company bike. The German bicycle market has been on the upswing not just since the coronavirus pandemic, but especially since the widespread establishment of e-bikes.

The company bike leasing program offered by Volkswagen Leasing GmbH in cooperation with Bike Mobility Services GmbH makes it possible for companies to offer e-bikes as an additional service as part of their company mobility mix for employees. The big advantage is clear: cycling is climate-neutral and can therefore make an important contribution to a positive carbon footprint. Both employers and employees benefit from the health-promoting benefits of the additional service.

For private customers, Volkswagen Financial Services also offer an attractive and digital financing solution to help them saddle up on their own dream bike.

Carsharing in the Netherlands

Cost-effective, flexible, convenient, and environmentally compatible driving: finding a vehicle via an app, using it, and then returning it after use is the way car sharing works with Greenwheels – the largest car sharing provider in the Netherlands and a subsidiary of Volkswagen Financial Services AG. According to a recent study, car sharing customers make use of a broader mix of transport modes. The intermodal flexibility preferred by Greenwheels customers also results in a more efficient individual carbon footprint.