International Projects

Volkswagen Financial Services combine global commitment with local focus.

Global commitment with local focus: this is the motto that describes how Volkswagen Financial Services assume responsibility not just in Germany and at its base in Braunschweig but all across the globe. Over the years projects have come to life throughout the world through the initiative of our international subsidiaries that serve to help the disadvantaged, alleviate social problems, or contribute to conserving resources. There are currently 38 projects worldwide that we have started up and that we are actively supporting. They address pressing issues and promote improvements in areas such as regional structural development, health, education, sports, or the protection of nature. All these projects are grouped under the umbrella "Empowering Social Mobility". This label acts as a framework and guideline for our international corporate responsibility commitment. After all, being "The Key to Mobility" also means empowering "Social Mobility".

Empowering Social Mobility


Volkswagen Financial Services are committed throughout the world to supporting social, cultural and environmental projects.